Campo Santo


Campo Santo is a small but scrappy game developer in San Francisco, CA. We set out to make games about interesting people in fascinating places. In 2016 we released our debut title Firewatch, which has sold over 1.5 million copies. Campo Santo also publishes the Campo Santo Quarterly Review, a literary journal; is co-producing a film adaptation of Firewatch; and designs high-quality merchandise that you can buy. We are currently working on our second game.

is a designer and creative director whose credits include The Walking Dead, Poker Night at the Inventory, Puzzle Agent, Tales of Monkey Island, and Sam & Max.

is a designer and writer whose credits include the The Walking Dead, Poker Night at the Inventory, Puzzle Agent, and Tales of Monkey Island.

is an environment and lighting artist who was previously the lead artist of The Cave. Her other credits include Stacking, Brutal Legend, Spore, The Godfather, and Return of the King.

is a designer, developer, and composer whose soundtracks include Gone Home and Thirty Flights of Loving. He also co-wrote The Cave and Battlefront – Rogue One: X-Wing VR Mission.

is an animator and designer who worked on Ori and the Blind Forest, Fable 3, Project Milo, and various YouTube projects.

is a systems and graphics programmer, most recently a lead programmer at Double Fine. He started his career as an artist on PlayStation 2-era sports games at Electronic Arts.

is a gameplay programmer and designer. He's best known for Brink's parkour systems and Super Meat Boy Galaxy, and has been working on his own game The World is Flat in his free time.

helps out with accounting and finance remotely from Portland. Her past experience includes serving as CFO for 3DO and Telltale Games.

is a business administrator and events coordinator for Campo Santo, as well as a voice actor for commercials, toys, and video games. She starred in The Walking Dead: Season One, Tales from the Borderlands, Oxenfree, The Wolf Among Us, and Firewatch.

is an artist and production designer who most recently worked on Westworld VR and BioShock Infinite. She has two snakes, neither of whom have any game credits of note.

is a is an engine, systems and graphics programmer whose credits include Brutal Legend, Ingress, and the Pixar film Cars.

is a producer whose credits include Gigantic and BioShock Infinite.

is an animator. A veteran of Telltale Games, he has shipped 8 multiple-episode seasons. He is most proud of his animation contribution on Walking Dead Season 1 and his lead role on Batman: the Telltale Series.