Campo Santo


Campo Santo is a small but scrappy game developer in San Francisco, CA. We set out to make games about interesting people in fascinating places. Our first game, Firewatch, is being made in collaboration with Panic Inc., a software company from Portland, OR and will be available on Windows, Mac, Linux and PlayStation 4 on February 9, 2016. Follow its development on our company blog!

is a designer and creative director whose credits include The Walking Dead, Poker Night at the Inventory, Puzzle Agent, Tales of Monkey Island and Sam & Max.

is a designer and writer whose credits include the The Walking Dead, Poker Night at the Inventory, Puzzle Agent, Tales of Monkey Island.

is an environment and lighting artist who was most recently the lead artist of The Cave. Her other credits include Stacking, Brutal Legend, Spore, The Godfather and Return of the King.

is a designer, developer, and composer whose soundtracks include Gone Home, Thirty Flights of Loving, Spacebase DF-9, and Captain Bubblenaut. He also co-wrote The Cave.

is an animator and designer who worked on Ori and the Blind Forest, Fable 3, Project Milo and various YouTube projects.

is a programmer and writer. He was an early engineer on and a pre-tumblr tumblelogger at He writes about tabletop game design at "This Game."

is a systems and graphics programmer, most recently a lead programmer at Double Fine. He started his career working as an artist on PlayStation 2-era sports games at Electronic Arts.

is a designer and programmer who was most recently the lead designer on Mark of the Ninja. He is probably the only game developer in Canada who was born and raised in Wyoming.

is a core engine/graphics programmer, he studied at DigiPen and he recently worked on Deadpool and Call of Duty Advanced Warfare.

is a gameplay programmer who recently shipped The Bureau, BioShock 2, and Minerva's Den. He previously coded for LucasArts and Activision.

is an artist and graphic designer known for his work with Lucasfilm, Mondo, Sony, Studio Ghibli among many many others.